Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Football vs Rugby

Some of you might have heard that there is an ongoing Rugby Organisation in South Africa. Participants of this tour are British & Irish Lions (Multinational Rugby Team consists of the best Rugby players of Ireland, England, Wales, and Scotland), South Africa, and some other rugby teams. Games take place in South Africa and watched by thousands of rugby fans.

Last game between South Africa and British & Irish lions played on 20th of June 2009 in The Absa Stadium which is located in South African city Durban.

I'm posting above information because I'd like to show difference between rugby and football games played in same country. (and possibly watched by similar type of audience) First video is from a Confederations Cup game played between Italy and Brazil. You can easily remember the noise of the vuvuzela.

Below video is from Rugby game played between South Africa and British and Irish Lions on 20th of June 2009.

Look at the fans watching rugby game, you can see their reactions to referee decisions, player mistakes, and speed of the game. You can feel the fans. And they are enjoying the game absolutely.

Why is this difference? Absa Rugby Stadium Manager Gary Parker-Nance said that vuvuzelas were definitely not allowed at the stadium during rugby matches. Here is what he said;
"This is because many of the rugby patrons have complained about the noise that emanates from the vuvuzela and we have to take into consideration what the majority of people want."
If you read the article, you can see that some people say vuvuzela is the part of all South African sport and some say it is part of South African football. First, they should decide what is this vuvuzela? Is it really a part of their sports/football culture or not and then we can think on it.