Friday, June 19, 2009

Join Us, Support Us

There are many other friends who support the same idea and try to make FIFA aware about the issue. 2010 FIFA World Cup without vuvuzelas! You can come and join us on one of the following networks.

On Facebook, there are two global groups with more than 1000 members in total. First group is
Ban the Vuvuzela 2010. Description of this group is

"With all the International Soccer fans coming to SA one would think they would like to watch a soccer game without the annoying noise of the Vuvuzela.

Lets see how many members we can get, from all over the world to show FIFA and SA Government that they need to ban it."

Name of other group is Ban the Vuvuzela and you can join and share your thoughts on this group also.

You can follow us on Twitter. Just search for
#ban_the_vuvuzela on twitter searchbox and see what people are talking about. If you want to post your thoughts, please don't forget to include #ban_the_vuvuzela in your post.

Please note that there is no connection between this blog and any other Facebook and/or Twitter groups. We just share same idea.