Saturday, June 20, 2009

Ik ben met u*

To be fair, if this thing, blowing vuvuzelas, is part of South African football culture (which is not very clear), South African fans can bring their vuvuzelas when SA team plays the game, blow them until their lungs come out and ears blown, noone can say anything.

Couple of days back, well-known Spanish National and Liverpool midfielder Xabi Alonso joined us and told similar things. Now, another important name from football world, Dutch coach Bert Van Marwijk, commented on vuvuzelas. Guess what, he is also against them. His words are;
"At home watching TV it really was annoying, but in the stadiums you get used to it but it is still unpleasant. You want to coach your players during the match but it is almost impossible with that noise. So for me the horns can stay outside the stadium."
Full article can be seen on Guardian website.

Thanks to Tommy who made me aware of above statement with his comment.
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