Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Chanting vs Vuvuing

There are different ways to support your team; you can chant like Olympiacos fans,

or you can play an instrument that doesn't make meaningless noise, it actually cheers you like Caballito fans,

You can find a good way to make noise but what is that vuuuu? It's ok, vuvuzela has a special meaning for SA fans and blowing it is like a tradition but why rest of the world has to listen that noise?

One other thing is that FIFA has already given permission for SA fans to bring these things to matches. (News item can be read from here.)

There must be a way to stop this or at least SA fans can blow it when their team plays a game. But not during Brazil or England or any other teams' games. I want to hear fans chanting and Brazilian samba music filling my ears, not this noise!