Friday, June 19, 2009

Truth or Fiction?

Today, I was reading couple of forums and one message has drawn my attention. It was posted by an anonymous South African football fan and it's about the vuvuzela. I've taken below lines from the original message without touching any word of it. Just read it and decide yourselves.
"I have been attending local football games since I was four years old (with my dad obviously at that stage) and in those days people used to scream, clap, sing etc. in much the same fashion as you would find in any other country. The twist is that there was always one or two chaps blowing a kudu (a type of antelope) horn as a trumpet but then only doing so sporadically during the course of the game (this was quirky and pretty cool).

I think it was around 2000 that some numpty started importing millions of cheap plastic trumpets from China which then quickly caught the attention of those people who always wanted to blow a kudu horn of their own but didn't know where to get one. It has now become such a feature of the local game that people seem to think that it is a traditional aspect of the local game. In truth, it's not. Some dude in China is making a killing and real supporters are increasingly becoming disenchanted with attending local games live for fear of losing their hearing. Casual fans on the other hand (obviously) love them to bits. You think they're bad on television? Try sitting next to or in front of someone blowing one of those things over an entire game. Ban them I say!"
It makes sense to us, what do you think?

I always prefer to include links pointing to the original location of article. But this time, link is broken. So, if I find the post again, I'll include link here. If this person is you, please enlighten us.